4 Tools to Cultivate Confidence

My sis, Tortilla enjoying the aftermath of one of our camping misadventures.
A vintage picture of my sis, Tortilla, splashing around in the aftermath of one of our church  youth group camping misadventures.

Today is the day! Dalton and I are leaving for Zion National Park around lunch time and I am feeling a little queasy-nervous. I’m pretty anxious normally, but camping isn’t something I’ve done a lot of period and it’s something that I’ve almost never pulled off successfully. I’ve prepared as much as I can, and Dalton has prepared way more than I have, but at the end of the day, I don’t have enough good experiences doing this to know what I need to bring or what I need to prepare to have a good time sleeping outdoors. Continue reading 4 Tools to Cultivate Confidence


Cheap Trick: Chapstick as Brow Wax

Today, I wanted to share a little cheap trick that I sometimes use to play up my otherwise non-existant brows. This is a little time-consuming so it’s not part of my daily brow routine, but it’s helped out in a pinch quite a few time including the past month or so.

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