Anatomy of a Moisturizer

When it comes to cosmetic formulations, not all are created equal. However, there are some generally accepted rules as to what function certain types of products are supposed to perform and what ingredient types you’ll need to accomplish those functions. Keep in mind that some ingredients will cover more than one of these functions.

A moisturizer typically contains three kinds of base ingredients that perform its function of hydrating the skin: Continue reading Anatomy of a Moisturizer


Ingredient Highlight: Proper usage and care of Antioxidants

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Anti-oxidants. Maybe in relation to anti-aging or getting a glowing complexion. If you’re a red-blooded American girl with tons of pretty little containers full of serums, moisturizers, toners and every other kind of goo that goes on your face, you’re probably the proud owner of a few antioxidants yourself. But how exactly do they work? What does one do with one’s antioxidants? How much substance is there to these claims that they’ll make your skin smoother than a baby’s bottom plus do your federal taxes (just kidding, I’ve never actually heard that last one, but if you know of a product that does that, quit holding out on me please)? Continue reading Ingredient Highlight: Proper usage and care of Antioxidants