Polish of the Week: (Blue & BANGS!!!)

This is how most of my hair issues have been resolved this past year:

  1. I neglect my hair.
  2. I get sick of my hair.
  3. I look into having a licensed cosmetologist do my hair.
  4. I research what I want done with my hair.
  5. While on Pinterest (where else?) I find a “How to Cut Your Own Hair” tutorial.
  6. On a weekend, instead of doing work and completely on a whim, I decide that I can’t wait any longer and I hack away at it myself.

So, I have bangs now! And they’re not perfect, but I actually really like how they turned out!

Anyway, to the polish: Full disclosure, I picked my color this week solely based on how it would look with this new pink ring I bought.

wpid-wp-1429549502316.jpegMy polish this week is Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails in Hard Bitten (365). I don’t get the name at all, but I dig the color. The formula leaves a little to be desired. It bubbles easily even though I didn’t shake it. I used 2 coats and it still looked slightly splotchy and uneven in some of the pictures I took. However, it did the job even though I was feeling pretty lazy about making them look nice (what else is new).

I think if I found a similar color in a better formula, it could be one of my favorites.

I tried a little nail art again, but as usual, I had some trouble centering it on the nail…oh well, we’re not fancy here; we cut our own hair and attempt things way outside our comfort zone. Like a boss.

Anyway, hope you guys have an amazing week! Happy Monday!



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