Camping Products: Wins & Fails

Well, as you all know camping worked out pretty well. I knew going into this that there would be some trial and error as to what products traveled well or were right for the situation. I liked some things and not others, so I wanted to impart my new-found wisdom in a short post here…

Didn’t like: Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes

I don’t think these were formulated for my acneic skin. I used them exclusively to cleanse my face in the morning and evening while I was there. I didn’t have any trouble with my skin on the trip, but it’s obvious to me now that my pores are clogged and I’m breaking out with tiny pustules because they weren’t cleansed well enough for the past couple of days. I’m really disappointed about these because they smell and feel so amazing!

Didn’t like for this situation: Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen for Beach and Pool

This is going to be so great for my day-to-day, but for extended sweaty hikes: not so much. I had to use a lot of this to get covered, and even though I reapplied frequently I still got a little red on my chest. It felt really clean going on and didn’t smell at all. This may have worked well for someone who is even just a couple shades darker than me naturally, but I’m going to need something a little more intense next time.

Didn’t need: Self-Tanner

It was too chilly in the morning to wear shorts and I wouldn’t have wanted to anyway. Some parts of the Angel’s Landing and even the Observation Point hike I could have scraped myself up a little bit if I hadn’t had a layer of fabric between me and the sandstone. Not only that, but in spite of spending a little time and trying to spread it on my skin evenly, the Jergens Instant Sun was pretty damn streaky. I either need to work on my technique or get a better product in the future. The Banana Boat one I used on my face and hands worked really well though, so I might start using that all over in the future.

Wish I brought: Hand moisturizer

For the record, I did have this, but I left it in my toiletry bag and not in my pack while I was hiking. The combination of the antibacterial hand wipes plus the dry desert air and sand meant that my hands felt dry and gross during the bulk of the day. Pulling myself up on rough sandstone made my hands pretty sore and I should have been taking better care of them.

Wish I did: Clipped my toenails

I can’t believe I forgot to do this! It was okay, because I normally keep my toenails clipped up to the nail bed (I have long nail beds), but I could feel pressure from my nails on the front of my boots, especially when I was going down hill. If they’d been much longer, I could have lost part of the nail and I was worrying about it the whole time.

Glad I brought: Concealer, mascara, blush

I didn’t even use these the second day, but it was nice to have them on the first one. After I woke up from the first night sleeping in a tent it was just nice to go to the restroom (which was surprisingly clean) and do my little morning makeup ritual. I’m positive I sweated it all off by noon, but it helped me get out the door (or flap) with a little more confidence.

Glad I did: Brow tint

I usually try to keep my brows tinted, but I hadn’t done it since my twice annual peel series in January. Since my brows are so light naturally and I feel kind of naked when they don’t have any color on them, this was really nice to finally have again. Even when I decide to fill them in on top of having them tinted, I feel like they look more natural. One less thing to worry about!

Best camping DIY: Exfoliating lip balm

Just kidding! This was just one of my clumsy fails that happened the first day…luckily I didn’t drop it in the sand because it was the only lip balm I brought!



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