Polish of the Week: Easter & [subtle] nail art

wpid-wp-1428198646426.jpegI took a rare trip to Walmart yesterday….yes, I shop at Walmart sometimes. I’m going camping next weekend and I needed some supplies (you know, flashlight, canteen, anxiety meds…the usual stuff). So of course to make me feel better about having to go to Walmart on a Saturday, I had to spend 30 minutes perusing the cosmetics section. That’s where I found Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lively Lilac (420)!

I really wanted to wear a pastel purple because of Easter, but the only one I owned before yesterday is slightly too much like my actual skin color to look good on me.  I wasn’t planning on doing nail art initially, but I wanted to see how close this purple and my old one were and wondered how they’d look next to each other.

The brush is one of my favorites: it’s flat and I did like 3 nails in one dip. It was also slightly curved at the tip which made it easier to get my rounded cuticle line covered smoothly. The formula was a little goopy, but even though nail polish isn’t my jam, it wasn’t too difficult to work with. In the bottle it looks like it’s got some shimmer to it, but it doesn’t show up much when it’s painted on (which I prefer).

wpid-wp-1428198964932.jpegTo get this look, I used 2 coats of the Lively Lilac, then used medical tape to  make a “V” shape on my nails. I painted one thin layer of OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender (NLH48). After that dried, I taped a smaller “V” inside the other one on two of my nails (I’m telling myself it looks cool, but really I’m just lazy) and painted 2 layers of OPI’s Privacy Please (NLR30).


6 thoughts on “Polish of the Week: Easter & [subtle] nail art

    1. Thanks so much for the follow! I’ve been taking a look at some of your posts too and you’ve got a lot of great advice 🙂 I’m gonna be clicking around on there later on tonight!

    1. Sophia, I’m the worst! So sorry 🙂 I checked your other message before thinking I’d remember to reply and I completely forgot 😛 I had a chance to peruse your site a little, but I’m gonna look at some more stuff today…and Walmart is always kind of a harrowing experience (case in point: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ ). I wish we had Boots in the US!

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