Product Review: Colour Pop Lippie Stix + Super Shock Shadow & Cheek

This is not a sponsored post. This article represents my own opinions and all products mentioned were purchased by me.

One of the girls from work was wearing this cool opaque coral lip color a couple months ago and when I told her I was in love with it, she told me about Colour Pop.

I had to try it…. you know, for the blog.

This brand is not for the faint of heart. If you’re like me, some days you’re jonesing for some epic, balls-to-the-wall pigment and oh mah gawd have you found it!

Basically, they sell a few things in a whole hell of a lot of colors. Their products break down into 3 (or 4 if you prefer) categories: lip stick, lip pencils, eyeshadow and blush. All of the shadows and lip colors are $5 and the blush is $8. Pretty darn reasonable, I my opinion…

Lippie Stix

Lip Color: Grind Eye Shadow: Flux
Lip Color: Grind
Eye Shadow: Flux


  • Many colors! Beaucoup colors! Every color you ever wanted to try!
  • Each Lippie Stix color has a corresponding pencil color, so you don’t have to worry about finding a lip liner to match (the older I get, the more I appreciate lip liner)
  • SO pigmented. Each swatch on the website shows the color on someone with pale skin and someone with dark skin. Both look equally vibrant.
  • Color goes on evenly. I’ve been working a lot of drug store lipsticks recently and it usually takes me a couple applications with blotting in between to get the color even and to the point where I think it’ll stay on. What you see in the picture is one coat, one blot.
  • wpid-img_20150330_114652.jpgIt’s lipstick for the more low-maintenance set because the formula lasts a really long time. I hate constantly touching up my lip color, but I only had to do it once after lunch.


  • It was pretty comfortable most of the day, but after about 6 hours it started to feel slightly dry.

Super Shock Shadow

colour pop flux holiday
Eye Shadow: Flux
Cheeks: Holiday


  • Both of the shadows I bought had a fluffy mousse-type texture that felt really cool. They also have a few colors that are regular pressed powder, but I didn’t try any of those.
  • Great pigmentation. Goes on opaque.
  • Lots of different finishes (Matte, Satin, Pearlized, Satin, Metallic and Ultra-Metallic)
  • Although it was a creme base, the finish on my eyes had an almost powdery feel.
  • Didn’t settle into my eye creases and I didn’t use a primer. It seriously lasted for about 11 hours on Wednesday without fading or spreading around which is insane for a creme formula. If I had to compare it to another product, I’d say it’s pigmentation and staying power is similar to to Makeup For Ever’s Aqua Creme…but it’s less than 1/4 of the price.


  • The easiest way to apply was with my fingers which is really unsanitary. It took a good deal of trial and error to find a makeup brush that worked.*

Super Shock Cheek


  • Easy to blend
  • A little goes a long way


  • Same issue as with the shadows. I’m just not crazy about applying and blending makeup with my fingers…maybe it’s the years of dealing with acneic skin that have given me this mental block, but I’d prefer to apply stuff that goes on my face with a brush. A flat foundation brush might work well, but I didn’t have an extra one to try it with.
  • Almost too pigmented for my pale skin. I think this blush would work a lot better for someone with darker skin who really wanted their cheeks to pop. As it is, just about any color will show up nicely on my face so I don’t really need a blush that’s this intense.

wpid-photogrid_1427992358345.jpgThe Lippie Stix are my favorite out of the bunch. I bought the pencil and lip color in Grind, but I wish I’d bought like 10. My main deterrent for wearing intense lip color is that I’m constantly having to touch it up, but this looked fresh all day. The shadows I liked, (I bought Flux and Bill) but not necessarily for every day use because they took a little longer to put on than my normal pressed powders. I’d definitely use them on stage or for a night out because, damn, did they hold up. The Super Shock Cheek (mine was Holiday) wasn’t for me though. I’ll wear it again, but probably only as stage makeup.

All-in-all, I love the brand. They obviously care about their formulas and they seem to take pride putting colors out that might be a little polarizing (I need to try Feminist, Corset, Fetch, Rocket, Trixie, Brills, Raw, & Heart On by the way). I love that! If there’s a color you’ve been hunting for, Colour Pop has it and at drugstore prices. I can’t wait to see what they’ll put out in the future!

*FYI, the brush I used was a Ben Nye brush specifically meant to “warm up” and apply oil-based stage makeup. It has natural, smooth bristles with medium-hard stiffness and a flat, rectangular head…I have no idea what it’s called because I bought it with a stage makeup kit almost a decade ago.


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