Polish of the Week: (3.22.2015)

This week has been great as far as productivity goes but it’s mostly been behind the scenes. Taxes: done. Buying a new computer: done. Researching UV light for an upcoming post: done. That’s how most of the week has gone.

So, today when I got up I was still sitting in that behind-the-scene vibe. I didn’t feel like putting on makeup and I certainly din’t want to do my nails or put out a post about it today….that was until I remembered that I was going to use this really subtle nude pink this week because I finally got white polish to put on underneath it. That, and the green from last week got old to me. I was picking at it by Thursday.

I’m in love, really and truly:

wpid-img_20150322_012257.jpgPink: OPI’s Privacy Please (NLR30) I’ve had this for a while now, but it wasn’t as opaque as I liked. I came across some really cheap polishes at the dollar store close to my house, and I finally bought white! It made a HUGE difference when I layered it underneath.

White: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in White On (300). It’s a little goopy, but not too difficult to spread evenly.

Gold: OPI by Gwen Stefani’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (NLG28) If this one sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve featured it on Polish of the Week before. I love gold, but I’m not always confident that I’m pulling it off. Not today, though. Even with my imperfect free-hand lines I have nothing but love for this look.



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