Cheap Trick: Chapstick as Brow Wax

Today, I wanted to share a little cheap trick that I sometimes use to play up my otherwise non-existant brows. This is a little time-consuming so it’s not part of my daily brow routine, but it’s helped out in a pinch quite a few time including the past month or so.

I’ve been investing in The Jade Room more since January which means less money for non-necessities like new brow wax and pencils. That, on top of not being able to wax or tint my brows because of a recent glycolic peel series I did meant that I had to either get creative with highlighting my brows or tell everybody I was doing an avant garde thing.

My main issue with just throwing color on top of very light brows is that this method tends to make mine look tattooed on. However, if I play up the texture of my brow hairs with color more than the skin underneath, they end up looking more natural.

  • Chapstick (preferably fresh and not one you’ll be using on your lips later*)
  • Brown Eyeshadow – preferably matte
  • Angle brush
  1. Gently apply the chapstick to your brows. You’ll primarily want to go in the direction of the hair, but it’s alright to make light strokes in the other direction to make sure the hairs are coated on thicker parts of your brows.
  2. Lightly apply the eyeshadow with your angle brush. The idea here is to highlight the hair more and the skin beneath it less to give your brows a more natural look. be sure to go in the direction of the hair growth which may mean doing tiny upstrokes on the inside corners of your brows.
  3. Clean up around the edges of your brows with your fingers or a q-tip. Don’t worry about getting them too perfect. After all, natural brows aren’t!

*You don’t want to use products you use on your mouth near your eyes normally because your mouth has more bacteria on and around it. Cross-contaminating like this can compromise the safety of your cosmetics.


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