Polish of the Week: gold and taupe, L’amour and Klimt

This week I came across a blog post about a Gustav Klimt-inspired polish line featuring this gorgeous gold color. I was more than a little bit in love. The author mentioned how her pale skin tends to look a little splotchy when she paints her nails gold which happens to me too!

gold and taupe nail polish
Love L’Amour on a lazy Sunday

As glamorous as my naked mole rat-translucent skin may seem, there are some colors that seem to highlight my pink undertones a little more than I’d like.

The sort-of exception to this rule that I’ve found is Love.Angel.Music.Baby from Gwen Stefani’s OPI line. It’s this nice, light gold and in some lights it almost has a nude tone that looks great with my skin. Also, if you don’t put a top coat on, it has this beautiful satin finish.

loveangelmusicbabyberlintheredone that.jpeg
Left: Love.Angel.Music.Baby. ;Right: Berlin There Done That

Just as a little extra insurance against that splotchy, red effect, I paired it with Berlin There Done That, a grey-ish taupe. The cool color on the top of the nails seems to diffuse the redness.

As always when it comes to my nails, the workmanship is pretty shoddy, but every time I tried to tape them off all of the polish wanted to come up too. Instead, I free-handed and used q-tips & orange sticks dipped in nail polish remover to remove all of the coloring-outside-the-lines action.

Meh. ….I’ll save that worry for next week!


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