Polish of the Week: Valentine’s Day Nails

I’m really stoked about how my nails turned out last night while I was slightly tipsy, in the dark last and….I hate to admit this, but I was intermittently getting up to cook dinner.

Also, I don’t think I’ve attempted to do nail art successfully since my days waiting for appointments during beauty school.

Valentines Day NailsAnyway, they aren’t perfect by anyone’s standards, but they have no business looking as good as they do. A big help was that I finally bought some drying drops. I don’t know why I’ve been so resistant to getting them. I guess I’ve always hated the idea of an extra step and I don’t like the idea of having oily fingers. But I did it, and it worked, and I’m a happy cookie.

gargantuan green grape-all laquered upThe mint color is OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape (NL B44)and the slightly wonky heart is one of my favorites: All Laquered Up (NL A32) which I think may be discontinued . I also used Nicole by OPI’s Drying Drops. The bottle says your nails should be completely dry after 5 minutes and mine were slightly tacky, but all-in-all it worked really well.

I also realize this probably sounds like a promoted post, but it isn’t. OPI is pretty much the only polish I’ve bought for the better part of the last decade so it’s almost all I have.


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