Well, I’ve finally had a chance to breathe a little since Christmas and all of the theater craziness I put myself through last year. I’m absolutely bursting with ideas and I can’t execute it all fast enough. I feel like an evil genius, biding my time while relishing in brainstorming the details of my reemergence! …A feeling driven home by the fact that massaging moisturizer into my dry, winter hands as I stare intently at the computer screen looks like malicious hand wringing…

So a year ago, as some of you know, I added lash extensions to my repertoire of skills. The big reason for my initial decision to make that investment was that lash extensions make for great before and after photos. I could take a picture of my work after the service to post on Instagram or to use elsewhere for a little exposure with minimal effort and zero cost.

I learned it, I loved it, and I started performing it on clients…unfortunately I ran into a little snag:

In most circumstances, I feel that it’s an invasion of my clients’ privacy and good will to say, “Can I take a picture to post on my Instagram?” I realize this isn’t everyone, but for me (an introvert masquerading as an extrovert), I spend a lot of mental energy trying not to be rude, especially when I’m around new people. When I’m asked a supposedly innocuous question like the one above, I feel obligated to answer with a “yes.”  I want my clients to be as comfortable as possible when they’re in my service room. While lots of people wouldn’t think twice about a request like this, I would hate to unknowingly make someone apprehensive if they didn’t come in expecting to be a part of a marketing campaign that day.

So, I didn’t take a lot of pictures in the past year. The ones that I did take remained on my phone, only to be seen by the occasional acquaintance as I scrolled through my gallery on the way finding that one picture of my dog/nephew/casserole/new pants.

It’s been a problem, but I figured out a way to make myself okay with it, which (start getting excited, because this is where it potentially gets good for you) is a PROMO! Here are the details:

From January 11th to December 31, 2015, I’ll be offering a promotional discount on the following services for clients who are willing to sign a photo release waiver and let me take a few photos before and after their appointment. Here’s the pricing breakdown:

Lash Extensions Price
Regular With Waiver:
Dramatic Lash Extensions – 3 hr $80 $50
Natural Lash Extensions – 2 1/2 hr $70 $40
Refill – 1 1/2 hr $40 $25

The photos could show up on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or here on the blog. If you’re one of those folks who’s going to be posting selfies of your new look anyway why not have some concrete savings to show for it?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal or have any additional questions and would like to set up an appointment, you can find my contact info here.


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