No apologies: an esthetician talks feminism….

When other women find out I’m an esthetician, I usually get one of two reactions:

“Oh, don’t look at my brows! It’s been forever!” or “I’m the worst. My face is out of control.”

I get it. It comes from the same impulse I get when I meet someone who does hair. You’d think I was being tortured for information: “I haven’t had my hair trimmed in 6 months!”, “I cut my own bangs!”, “YES, THIS IS A BOX DYE!!!”

I’m a feminist. This means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but it surprises me how many of my friends think that real feminists can’t wear makeup or care about their body hair.

As previously mentioned, I’m also an esthetician. This usually means one thing to people, which is that I must be judging them. Their brows have strays, their skin has blotches, and they’re positive that I’ve been honing in on their imperfections since the moment I met them.

I get it. We read these magazines, we pin these tips, we have all the tools we need to look like Beyonce in a wind machine except the time or the money or the inclination after a long day of other priorities.

But, for real, does neglecting your brows warrant an apology? Does breaking out? No. No more than being a normal human being does. Don’t worry about it. And if primping is not your thing, that’s cool too. If you embrace the Frida in your brow, you are awesome! If you just didn’t get to it last week/month/year, you were busy doing other awesome stuff and are therefore awesome. No one need apologize for being awesome.

But, if you’re anything like me and wearing tinted moisturizer makes you capable of facing the world with a little more confidence, do it! If your idea of a pick-me-up involves steaming some expensive goo into your pores, I feel ya!

Just, no apologies.


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